Hack Day Paris

I should have written this post 6 months ago! Hack Day Paris was an event that took place in Paris in November, 2011.

Hack Day Paris is a 40-hour marathon of hyper-intensive design and development followed by a lighting round of presentations and demos. The result is the exchange of ideas, community, and invention not realized during the normal pace of work and play.

The motto was “Come build something brilliant.”

So I went there with a friend and we built something (brilliant? You tell me).

We are developers. We don’t know anything about music and not a lot about electronics. So we decided, very logically, to make an electronic musical instrument.

Here is the result: “Jean Michel Jarduino”.


  • RGB leds in balloons, sealed with chewed caramel candies
  • The balloons are attached to switches
  • Switches are connected to an Arduino board
  • The Arduino :
    • changes the color of the balloons
    • generates square waves and sends them to speakers

Come with us

That was an awesome weekend with great fellow hackers and I’ll be there for the next Hack Day (which is in fact a whole weekend).

This is a great opportunity to meet people, to learn stuff you don’t know and to yell on your friend at 4 A.M. because nothing works like it should.

You don’t need to be an expert (there’s no fun in doing what you already know), you don’t need to be McGyver (but it helps), you don’t need to have an idea (you will have one there or team up with someone who has).

You just need to come and hack something. Bring duct tape.

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